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The large extent of practice areas of the legal professionals at the TEMPUS law firm allow us to assess your state of affairs in their individual complexity. We find the most suitable, functional solution - and then help implement that solution, working in close cooperation with the client, while minimizing costs at the same time.

Knowledge and experience gained during years of practice in international law firms and the quality language skills of our team members allow us to provide the highest level legal services to local and international clients. We offer expert legal solutions adjusted to the individual needs and requirements of our clients.

We prepare contractual and related documentation, legal opinions, assessments of risks, implementations of transactions, authentications of signatures and escrow, or representations before public authorities and courts. We also provide our clients with related services such as tax consultations, accounting advice, property management, or translation and notarial services via closely cooperating companies.

Our law firm provides complex legal services, in particular, within the following practice areas:

Corporate Law

We provide counseling and assistance in the establishment of every type of business entity, full services for daily corporate governance (drafting and approving documentation, materials for discharge of obligations to act with due managerial care), corporate due diligence, drafting of contracts and documentation required for transactions and restructuring, advice related to dissolution and liquidation as well as insolvency of business corporations and/or other type of entity. Our corporate practice is one of our leading practice areas, including advice on the form of performance of business activities on the territory of the Czech Republic, arrangement for requirements for the establishment and setting-up of companies (including trade licenses) and branch offices of foreign companies, and drafting of agreements on performance of the positions for members of business companies.

Labor and Employment Law

Legal services in the field of labor and employment law are one of the core practices of our law firm and we are proud of our extensive experience within this field. Our team is among the leading professionals in labor and employment law matters in the Czech Republic, in particular with respect to contractual relationships (including their modifications, relocations, business travel, engagement of foreigners or terminations of employment relationships), structuring of remuneration of top management, share and other remuneration plans, structuring of employee benefits, employment and collective bargaining related disputes, internal policies, collective bargaining agreements and collective bargaining, administrative proceedings and advising in the field of labor inspection and occupational safety and protection of health at work, work injuries and occupational illness, immigration matters and labor-medical services. We also focus on matters related to payroll and Czech and international taxation and local and foreign social security.

Contractual Law

We prepare and review contractual documentation for our clients in customer-supplier relationships, in relation to consumers, general terms and conditions, license agreements and asset transfer agreements. We advise in the areas of liability and contractual penalties, securing and enforcement of receivables, and we assist in negotiations and advise on business strategy in order to find an optimal solution considering the individual aims of clients. We also advise our clients with respect to public tenders, public procurements and organization of competitions and games, defense against unfair competition and pre-contractual relations, transport and European law.

Personal Data Protection

We also advise on matters related to the protection of personal data from the perspective of Czech and European law as a part of our practice. According to the needs of our clients, we draft consents for the use and processing of personal data, agreements on the processing of personal data and related documentation, including data security plans, registrations of processing of personal data, related dispute resolution, review of camera and other monitoring systems, and advice related to processing and sharing of personal data and its transfer or storage in third countries.


Our team possesses exceptional experience in handling situations related to foreigners and immigration law. In this respect, we provide advice regarding employment of foreigners, prepare materials, confirmations and statements, and deal with administrative authorities for the purposes of obtaining visas, working and residency permits, cards, Czech citizenship and asylums.

Insurance Law

Within our practice, we provide legal advice and draft documentation related to representation of insurance companies or insured individuals in disputes for payment (including compensation of harm) and other disputes. We draft and arrange for the approval of insurance contracts, insurance terms and related documentation.

Real Estate

Real estate is another pillar of our practice. We have wide experience in the area of complex real estate transactions, including due diligence, drafting of documentation and financing. We work on numerous development projects in which we provide services to our clients in permitting proceedings, contractual relationships with suppliers of works and services, template selling or lease documentation, assistance with sales and leases, daily legal administration.

Construction Law

We have investors, construction and developing companies among our clients. Therefore, we are capable of effectively responding to difficulties, which they often encounter, and offer functional contractual and non-contractual measures for their elimination. We have broad experience with construction contracts, enforcement of payments, defects liability or defense against such claims.

Real Estate Management

We work for several owners of real estate, to whom we provide complex services related to setting up of relationships in real estate management, supply of goods and services, administration of receivables, including their collection in enforcement or insolvency proceedings. We ensure the conformity of processes with legal regulations.

Environmental Law

We provide advice in this field focused to meet the constantly increasing demands set forth by administrative regulations and governmental offices in order to minimize costs on the side of our clients, e.g. in the field of EIA, waste and surface waters management, fulfilling of hygiene and other legislation, imposition of ecological measures, removal of ecological damages.

Family Law and Property Management

We provide our clients with legal assistance regarding property and other aspects related to marriage, property management, childcare, divorce, conclusion and dissolution of registered partnerships, namely modifications of joint property of spouses both before and during the marriage, settlement of joint property of spouses, child custody, alimony, including representation in court and other proceedings in these matters, succession and legal capacity matters, property and other liabilities within the family. We also execute and ensure property management and escrow.

Technology, Media and Telecommunications

We focus in this area on the protection of personal rights, namely from the private and criminal liability perspectives in close connection with the practice of personal data protection and dispute resolution.

Medical Law

We focus in this practice area on review of the contractual conditions of medical institutions, medical care impact in the private and public areas, disputes related to medical care, meeting the requirements of pharmaceutical legislation, research and development of medication and medical equipment, compensation of harm, registrations and approvals, internal policies, steps to reduce or eliminate liability and due diligence.

Criminal Law

We provide clients with legal services in the field of criminal law as a part of our practice. We act as defense attorneys in criminal proceedings and provide complex legal assistance during all stages of a criminal matter. We cooperate with experts and technical advisors based on individual needs in each respective matter. Additionally, we further represent damaged parties in criminal proceedings and in claims and collection of compensation of harm.

Dispute Resolution and Administrative Proceeding

We assist our clients and provide full legal support with respect to the resolution of disputes, including preparatory analysis of the status of the facts, consultations and preparations of proposals of solutions, mediation, management of the dispute and representation before ordinary courts and arbitration, both local and international. We have unique know-how in administrative law and administrative proceedings and provide services in administrative proceedings in many areas, in particular in relation to local construction offices, hygiene, the labor inspectorate, labor offices, administrative offence councils and professional associations. We assist in all stages of permit related proceedings regarding construction; we are experienced in dealing with objections of participants and we arrange for corresponding strategy regarding subsequent alternative steps. We represent our clients in a number of disputes regarding the validity of issued permits, validity or cancellation of spatial plans.


In this area, we focus on analysis of the current situation of a debtor or a creditor, prepare motions and related filings, represent debtors and creditors in insolvency proceedings, enforce receivables, prepare documentation for debt relief and assist on handling negative financial situations.